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MicroRacers Kit - Yellow Jacket

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10-inch Wingspan, Flying Weight of about 12 grams, Flying speed is 2 - 4 m/s approximately. Very stable models that can handle winds outdoors and are fantastic for indoor Micro Pylon Racing. Get One - you'll be addicted like us! You must install the Micro9 3CH receiver, 2 MicroActs, 7mm motor with either the 57x22 prop or the Tri-Turbofan prop, and of course you need HFX900 Tx and LP90 cells.

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MicroRacers Kit - Yellow Jacket

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Yes, These planes are small - with Wingspan of only 10 Inches and Flying weight of 12 grams but Believe us when we tell you:


•Full Proportional Radio Control of Rudder, Elevator and Throttle!

•They Fly so Good they will Blow your Mind! They fly like they are on rails!

•Full Proportional radio control enables you to fly with precision in a Gym or in your Front Yard.

•Fly in any area the size of a tennis court

•Fly in winds up to 15MPH - The Micro Racers do very well in the wind!

•Just add 4-AA batteries to the combination transmitter/charger and you'll be ready for action anytime.

•Micro Racers are great for intermediate pilots - they are a little fast if you are a total beginner, but hey you want fun right? Learn on the Sim and Figure it out - If you fly over grass your model will survive most crashes very well, and with a little foam safe CA glue and a 0.5mm carbon rod here and there you'll be up in the air in no time. Replacement airframe Kits are only $14.99, so we think you'll agree that these planes are a heck of a value!

Order today and learn the fun of building and flying the smallest Micro R/C models.

Micro Racer Kits - only $14.99
Easy Assembly Kit Includes: 
• Laser Cut Depron Airframe 
• Control Horns 
• Z bends and Figure 4's 
• Carbon Fiber Control Rods 
• Carbon Fiber FuseStrip 
• Motor Reinforcments and landing gear 

To Complete the models you'll also need the Deluxe Starter Set #2

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