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Micro Spitfire RTF Set

Quick Overview

The World's Smallest Radio Controlled Warbird is Here!

6-inch Wingspan - 2.7 Grams flying Weight

This 1/72 scale model Supermarine Spitfire Mark 16 is great fun to dogfight in the backyard.

You can take this model anywhere with you for a quick sortie almost anywhere!

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Micro Spitfire RTF Set

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Now you can fly this Incredibly Tiny Spitfire Fighter by Radio Control - Any Time You Choose!

"Holy Cats! That's a TINY Spitfire, and it flies Amazingly good!" - That's what you are going to hear from onlookers as you do a low altitude fly past with precision and authority and land in the palm of your hand!

At 6-Inch Wingspan and 2.7grams flying weight, this Supermarine Spitfire really shows off the unique technological advantages of Plantraco's HFX900 R/C system. Low weight and high thrust - these are the factors the give all our RTF models aerial supremacy wherever they are flown. You are going to love flying this model - Another great Plantraco design from the drawing board of Joe Malinchak - the greatest model aircraft designer we have ever seen!

Yes, Plantraco has now made it possible for you to enjoy flying the World's Smallest Ready-To-Fly 1/72nd Scale Model Spitfire. You probably already know, Plantraco is working for you, our eager and loyal customers, every day to bring you the latest and best innovations to Micro R/C. Plantraco's Micro Spitfire is sure to please!

The Spitfire Fighter is the most recognizable icon of World War II. From the throaty growl of its Rolls-Royce Merlin, streamlined fuselage, to its beautifully tapered elliptical wings, the Spitfire is a true aeronautical thoroughbred that is loved by all. Without a doubt the most famous combat aircraft the world has ever seen. It is a British national symbol for triumph over a superior German air force.

This highly capable fighter was nimble and fast and was much loved by its pilots, many of them trained in Canada.

Our 1:72 Scale R/C Model Spitfire Mk XVI is painted in the markings of the RCAF’s legendary 421 Squadron

This model pushes the state of the art ahead of all other competitors - Another First and Only from Plantraco - Leaders in Micro R/C technology.

This is the World's Smallest R/C Warbird!

4mm Motor with 32mm Direct Drive Propeller

It's no Merlin! In fact it's a whisper quiet 4mm coreless motor. But this Micro Model still has plenty of thrust thanks to the 4mm Direct Drive Drive Propulsion system which is very quiet and efficient.

Lightest R/C Receiver

The world's lightest R/C receiver is one of the reasons Plantraco models fly so well. Fully proportional, but without adding dead weight to the airframe. 0.38 grams! (That's 0.013 oz ! ) As lightweight as it is, it still comes packed with good features, like Plantraco's Bahoma magnetic battery holder system, Low Volt Protection, and more.

NanoAct Magnetic Actuator

The NanoAct actuator adds only 0.065 grams to the Micro Spitfire! It's a 75 Ohm coil with Neodymium magnetic armature that moves the rudder at your command. It is a self centering actuator, and gives you an amazing 64 steps of full proportional resolution per side.

Multi Function Transmitter Included

The Full Proportional transmitter features 2 gimballed joysticks, a built in portable precision charger for the included LP30 lithium polymer Bahoma cell.

Here's what you'll get when you Order:

One Micro Spitfire R/C Aircraft:
• Airplane with all components installed, trimmed and tested
• 6 inch wingspan airframe
• 0.38g Micro9 2CH Receiver (throttle and rudder)
• 4mm coreless motor
• Matching 32mm DD Prop
• 0.07g NanoAct Actuator
• Strong paperboard box for portability and storage

HFX900 Transmitter
• 4 CH transmitter - Full Proportional
• 6 User Selectable frequencies
• Built-In lipoly Bahoma charger
• Connects to FMS Flight Simulator! 
• 900Mhz ISM band USA, 868Mhz EU
• FCC and CE Approved!
• Requires 4 "AA" cells

• 20mAh LP20 Bahoma cell

If you already have an HFX900 transmitter, just buy this RTF plane and a battery and you're good to go)

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